Old Man - Horse - Plush special edition
Old ManPlush special edition
Materialef velboa
SizeApprox. 12 cm
Production quantityMore than 10,000 units
Delivery timeNegligible
Special feature   Conception and sales display
GAG - Dragon - Plush special edition
Gag-DragonPlush special editionAnouk
MaterialPolyesterMom & Dad
Size100 cmApprox. 90 cm
Production quantity2 units1 unit
Delivery time12 wks, due to minimal production quantity9 months
Special feature   SturdinessDelicate bundle of joy
Promotion Pets - LAMA LUCKY  - Plush special edition
LLAMA LUCKY Plush special edition
Size35 cm
Production quantity1 unit
Delivery timeStandard (10.5 weeks)
Special feature   PP mascot
Teddy - Bear -  Plush special edition
TeddyPlush special edition
MaterialNo longer known
Size25 cm
Production quantityUnknown
Delivery timeUnknown
Special feature   Feels 150 years old
NN - Alien - Plush special edition
NNPlush special edition
Materialef velboa
SizeApprox. 40 cm
Production quantity1 unit
Delivery time2 weeks
Special feature   Our most beautiful prototype
PSI - Dogs - Plush special edition
PSI DogsPlush special edition
Materialef velboa
SizeFigure approx. 15 cm
Production quantityMore than 6,000 units
Delivery timeStandard (10.5 weeks)
Special feature   Various postures
Cuddle - Dog - Plush special edition
CuddlePlush special edition
MaterialCurly acrylic mix
SizeApprox. 12 cm and 25 cm
Production quantityApprox. 50,000 units to date
Delivery timeStandard (10.5 weeks)
Special feature   Embroidered logo and soles
History of promotion pets. Pictures of the family Basjmeleh.
Visiting our producers
The long-standing bonds with the people at our production sites in Thuringia, China and Indonesia are characterised by warmth and respect. We work together in the interests of our customers and all our employees.
The Basjmeleh family
The founders and their successor. Farouk and his wife Guita introduced their son Jan to the exciting world of business at an early age – and the excitement caught on. So when the mantle passed from parents to son in 2003, the transition was smooth and fruitful.
Every pet has more than one mum and dad, and we’ve brought some of them together on this photo. It goes without saying that they can’t help smiling when they see what cute little critters they’ve helped bring to life.
Ambulance - Plush special edition
AmbulancePlush special edition
Materialef velboa und nylex
SizeApprox. 18 cm (h)/32 cm (w)
Production quantityApprox. 4,000 units /
various sizes
Delivery timeStandard (10.5 weeks)
Special feature   Retention of box shape
 Merchandising items for the soccer team 1. FC Cologne.
Draught excluder Hot water bottle Rocking horse 25 cm figure 15 cm figure POS packaging for
rocking horse
12 cm figure
with suction cup
25 cm child’s
Measuring stick
Couple - Plush special edition
CouplePlush special edition
SizeApprox. 15 cm
Production quantity1,000 units each
Delivery time12 weeks per order
Special feature   Exceptional attention to detail
Manni the Mouse - Sparkasse - Plush special edition
Manni the MousePlush special edition
SizeApprox. 30 cm / div.
Production quantityUmpteen thousand since 2009
Delivery timeClient-specific
Special feature   Retention of intricate details
in various sizes
Sherlock the elephant - Plush special edition
Sherlock the elephantPlush special edition
Materialef velboa
SizeApprox. 30 cm
Production quantity1,000 units
Delivery time8 weeks
Special feature   Magnifying glass
with print
Polar bear - Plush special edition
Polar bearPlush special edition
Size15 cm
Production quantity500 units
Delivery time12 weeks
Special feature   7 materials /
3 printing techniques
Titan - Ant - Plush special edition
AntPlush special edition
MaterialNylex / cotton
SizeApprox. 30 cm
Production quantity5,000 units
Delivery timeNormal
Special feature   Can stand freely
Merchandising items for the soccer team Borussia Dortmund.
Comfort blanket 20 cm figure with suction cup Hand puppet Rattle ball Rucksack Push car Slippers in
assorted sizes
Cherry pit pillow 100 cm sitting figure 30 cm figure Decorative pillow Baby’s rattle Grab toy
Hennes - Billy goat - Plush special edition
HennesPlush special edition
MaterialAcrylic / polyester
Size12, 14, 20 and 25 cm
Production quantityUmpteen thousand since 2009
Delivery timeStandard (12 weeks)
Special feature   TÜV Rheinland test criteria
Monster - Monstaz - Plush special edition
MonstazPlush special edition
Size15 cm with key ring
Production quantity500 units
Delivery time2 wks after placing order
Special feature   For Monstaz®

Humboldtstraße 67a
22083 Hamburg

Tel. +49.40.42 94 96 7 - 0
Fax +49.40.42 94 96 7 - 111

E-Mail: contact@promotion-pets.com

Emil - Mouse - Plush special edition
EmilPlush special edition
MaterialMicro sol
Size20 cm
Production quantity750 units
Delivery time10 weeks
Special feature   Embroidered apron, fabric spoon
Leo - Lion - Plush special edition
LeoPlush special edition
Materialef velboa und high pile
Size12, 20 and 90 cm
Production quantityIncreasing!
Delivery timeShort
Special feature   Made on our own initiative
Cross - Plush special edition
CrossSpecial edition
Size25 cm
Production quantity7.500 units
Delivery (direct)Switzerland /
customs clearance
Special feature   Internal chambers for firm
Snowman - Plush special edition
SnowmanPlush special edition
Size25 cm
Production quantityApprox. 4.500 units
Delivery timeExtremely short
Special feature   Delivery 3 wks after
production approval
Olchis Purse - Portemonnaies - Plush special edition
Olchis BörsenSpecial edition
Size20 cm
Production quantity7.500 units
Delivery time12 weeks
Special feature   Elaborate printing technique
The adventures of Olchis put on merchandising items.
Toothbrush mug with
brush cover
Travel pouch Rucksack Purse
Debbie-Chemie - Insect - Plush special edition
Debbie-ChemieSpecial edition
MaterialNylex / cotton
Size35 cm
Production quantity500 units
Delivery time5 weeks
Special feature   TÜV Rheinland test criteria
Sports bag - Ergo Insurance - Plush special edition
Sports bagSpecial edition
MaterialNylon und Teflon®
SizeApprox. 40 cm
Production quantity10,000 units
Delivery time10 weeks
Special feature   Waterproof / pull-tight
Police bear - Plush special edition
Police bearPlush special edition
MaterialSol boa snail
SizeApprox. 35 cm
Production quantity5,000 units
Delivery timeLuckily, enough
Special feature   Detailed embroidery
Lanyard - Imtech Arena - Plush special edition
LanyardSpecial edition
MaterialCotton / metal
Size90 cm
Production quantityIncreasing every year!
Delivery timeAlways short
Special feature   Colour fidelity / value
Wild Chicks - Plush special edition
Wild ChicksSpecial edition
MaterialEmbroidered. Nylon 350D
Size25 and 20 cm
Production quantity4.500 units each
Delivery time10 weeks
Special feature   Cornelia Funke Merchandising
DJ - Mambo Kurt - Plush special edition
Mambo KurtSpecial edition
SizeFigure approx. 30 cm
Production quantityMore than 1,000 units
Delivery timeStandard (10.5 weeks)
Special feature   Screen-printed lettering
Eddi is an authentic plush toy that is formed of brand values of the football club Hannover 96.
70 cm sitting figure 25 cm figure 15 cm figure Decorative pillow Comfort blanket
Bob the Bunny - Plush special edition
Bob the BunnyPlush special edition
MaterialPolyester / felt
SizeApprox. 25 cm
Production quantitymore than 5,000 units
Delivery time14 days from design approval
Special feature   Highly recognisable /
Tetra Pak system
Marmot - Plush special edition
MarmotPlush special edition
MaterialAcryl (soft Vonnel)
Size45 cm
Production quantityApprox. 2,000 units
Delivery time12 wks from prototype
swatch - our material for Plush special editionen Gecko - Plush special edition
GeckoSpecial edition
SizeApprox. 20 cm
Production quantitymore than 5,000 units
Delivery timeStandard (10.5 weeks)
Special feature   Magnetic

A passion for plush - and true love!

In 2012, we were approached by the Marketing department of Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund and given the task of producing an updated version of Emma, the funny bee. The first stage was to take the mascot's appearance back to the roots and, by giving it a facelift, we significantly raised the degree of consistency amongst both existing and new club merchandise. As a result, this lovable little creature became both more recognisable and even more of a firm favourite with the fans. The Emma sub-brand was then diversified in multiple ways, with Promotion Pets taking care of everything from development to production - including repackaging and tags. And the thought of making even more things happen for both Emma and Borussia Dortmund gives us a real buzz!

Hennes - bringing plush to life.

Hennes is the only living football club mascot in Germany. The current Hennes, Hennes VIII, is the eighth billy goat to perform the role. He currently holds court in Cologne Zoo and only travels to the stadium on special occasions. Five years ago, Promotion Pets started producing replicas of the hugely popular billy goat. Since then, we have also worked together on several occasions with the club's Marketing department to produce other items that have gone down a treat with the fans, thus making 1. FC Cologne the champions of people's hearts. Now they have been promoted, we are crossing our fingers that 2014 will be a vintage season for the Billy Goats.

Ogglies: Promotion Pets braves the stinky little creatures from Smelliville!

Publishing house Oetinger has given the world the tales of the wonderful yet grubby little monsters the Ogglies, who behave so beautifully badly on their many adventures. Promotion Pets was asked to produce bags, rucksacks, pencil cases and purses with "Ogglies" motifs. With our love of playful details, we transferred the world of these scruffy little creatures onto the merchandise. Big bluebottles on zips, weird hairs on rucksacks - it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.

Hannover 96: turning a dream design into real-life plush!

For us, Eddi was a real stroke of luck. Above all, we were able to make the most of our brand consultancy expertise to fend off the competition. And we developed an authentic pet based on the club's brand values. Derived from a Hanover hound, Eddi's cuddly appearance began to take shape in a series of professional illustrations, which were then converted into a 3D product sample. The club's youngest fans then proceeded to name the mascot Eddi - and, since then, he has gone on to conquer many a heart in the city.

Why do we get out of bed every day?

Because we love gazing into the beady eyes of our pets! When they look back at us, we see all the expertise, skill, intuition and love that every single employee - from Managing Director to trainee - has put into them to transform a stuffed toy into a true pet for one of our clients. Day in, day out.

Isn't that just a great reason?

Let's start with something nice and simple.

It all begins with a pencil and a pad of paper: a pet generally starts life as a series of quick, short pencil strokes. Our head designer is one of the most gifted artists in our industry and, in his wonderfully abstract drawings, the characteristics of the animal which will one day steal countless hearts come together, along with a wealth of manufacturing details and a customised design.

As a result, the quotations we supply are clear and accurate. With us, artistic flair and good value come together in perfect harmony - and that's just the start of how we give our clients a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Generally speaking, the samples are used to make the first trial pets, which will match the ones later produced in series in terms of the key details. In collaboration with the client, any changes will then be discussed and implemented. And now it's time to rediscover that cuddly feeling a second time. A PPS (pre-production sample) must always be given the customer's seal of approval before production can commence.

The little guys then go into series production!

The word "pet" says it all.

The word "pet" is used to describe an animal that becomes a true friend. We found this a good enough reason to call our own little creatures by the very same name. End consumers will take a shine to them and give them a special place in their hearts.

The word "pet" therefore already gives you an idea how seriously we take the job of developing and producing a high-quality brand messenger made out of plush for your company.

You can be safe in the knowledge that our plush toys keep their promises.

Most people who eventually get to hold one of our pets in their arms are between the ages of two and ten years, and it goes without saying that we recognise the great duty we have for keeping youngsters safe. We guarantee our customers safety across all the materials we use in line with the relevant European regulations and, in some cases, far beyond them.

This is of course especially relevant for accessories such as noses and eyes which we secure using a special mechanism that prevents them falling off, getting ripped off, or even bitten off by the little tykes.

That's why our pets truly deserve to sport the CE mark.
We were so excited when we recently discovered this pet teddy bear. It's probably 20 years old by now and can look back on many years of cuddling and snuggling. But what really got us excited wasn't just its age, because we know that our pets can handle having their ears, legs and arms pulled for a long time - and can even withstand baby drool. We were far more excited by the fact that its owner told us that this was his "Bärenmarke bear", which he had been given as a child.

Hallelujah, that's what we call brand communication in action! Back

Real cuddly toys last forever.

In an era of efficiency and pressure for results, the magical realms of our childhood often find themselves squeezed out. Feelings of love, physical closeness, security and cuddling all greatly influence our emotional awareness later in life, and their importance has long been scientifically proven.

Can you still remember your teddy bear or favourite doll? Maybe the colour of the fur, plush or fabric stood out, or maybe the filling that eventually bulged out of ripped arms or legs? Or even the smell? Is your cuddly little playmate still lying around in a treasure chest in the attic? Do you fight tooth and nail to stop them getting thrown out? Is a dreamy smile playing across your lips? Then you've just understood in an unscientific manner why we believe so strongly in the lasting power of these unique plush and fabric beings.

Cuddly from A to Z.

CUDDLY ALL ROUND is what we strive for - in all areas and in every way.

And "pet-making" describes the way in which we make this happen. After all, we want you to feel as though you have a partner you can rely on - from start to finish. This starts at the introductory meeting and carries on through brainstorming, making you an offer, sampling, the prototype phase, production coordination, manufacture and delivery (the happy ending).

Even if you come to us with nothing more than a vague idea, we'll put all our experience and ability into bringing that idea to life. When all's said and done, we want to give you more than a run-of-the-mill cuddly character made out of plush - we want you to have a real pet.

Our consultancy services are therefore not limited to the planning and production of your Promotion Pet. We size up your end consumers and attempt to fashion a lifelong strategic link between you and them.

As you can see, pet-making is an all-round good thing!
Ever since 1990, Promotion Pets has been helping its clients steal consumers' hearts - in its own unique way and with custom-made designs in plush and fabric. Boasting outstanding quality standards in terms of concept, materials, manufacture and safety, our pets are backed up by an intelligent marketing strategy that renders them cuddly ambassadors and an all-round thrilling brand experience.

Pets are in our blood.

Promotion Pets is an offshoot of GULF HANSEATIC, a family business founded in Hamburg in 1983 by engineering graduate Farouk Basjmeleh and his wife Guita G. Basjmeleh.

Today, Promotion Pets is run by their son, Jan P. Basjmeleh, and is involved in the development and production of custom-made plush toys and advertising materials, whether small-scale projects or large consignments, at sites in Europe and the Far East. The company can provide everything from key fobs to walk-around acts.

Behind each and every pet is a top-class briefing.

Well, they certainly have a lot to say - don't you think?
True. And that's why we're inviting you to simply put us to the test. If your brief is convincing enough, we'll soon provide you with a few detailed suggestions on how a set idea, e.g. a cuddly pet, can become a custom-made plush character. From A to Z.

Should we need more information to bring your idea to life, however, we'll get back in touch.

You can now complete this form and send it to us online. Alternatively, you can download a copy, fill it out offline and, say, fax it to us - the choice is yours.

Task / aim:Task / aim

Your company:Name

Business division

Corporate values

Contact person:




Your brand:Name

Business or product division

Brand values

Target group / Sinus-Milieu®

Driving motivation

Main competitors

Initial ideas on your Promotion Pet:End users

Name of pet



Material properties


Further comments



Our pets: each one cuddlier than the next.

To give you an overview of selected projects, we've brought together our most beautiful pets in this gallery. Simply select a cuddly character and away you go. Hovering your cursor over the images will reveal some manufacturing details.

Turning art into craftsmanship!

Professional drawings, precise descriptions and the selected plush and colour are then carried over into series production. Our choice of plush materials, in particular, is a cut above when it comes to quality and range of colours. And, if for whatever reason, you require a special colour or surface finish, we'll make it happen. Our unique team of production managers, quality assurance managers, designers and material suppliers lovingly make sure that all pets from pet A to pet Z are the same, and that each and every one meets both the legal and contractually agreed quality assurance standards. We guarantee this with our Promotion Pets certificate which you'll receive together with your pets.

The delivery also contains a broad, happy smile and a third and final cuddly feeling that you can look forward to.
Responsible production always involves dealing with the entire development and production chain. It's about finding a solution that's both as ethical as it can be, and that makes financial sense.

At Promotion Pets, that means working conditions which verifiably preclude economic and physical exploitation of any kind and prohibit child labour. It also includes materials and production processes which are of course subject to all rigorous EU restrictions on toys, and which sometimes exceed them considerably. And it also means being personally involved with operations at our production sites. That's how we're able to ensure that we keep to our agreements and provide your brand with one more valuable service.

So that these guidelines - which have been in place at our company for many years - can be verified, we joined the BSCI in 2011. The BSCI is a global association of responsible companies which have committed to sustainable and value-oriented production methods and codes of practice. The guidelines and code of conduct are available on the BSCI website.

So from the initial idea right through to the finished product, every pet you have will truly leave you feeling great - in each and every way.

And to ensure that this happens every time, we're constantly keeping an eye on scientific findings and ethical considerations, and adapting our processes accordingly. Because what's considered the epitome of sustainable and value-oriented production today could be behind the times tomorrow.

Our pets have a job to do - conquer people's hearts.

For our clients, every cuddly character is a strategic instrument - a wolf in teddy bears' clothing, so to speak. We all remember these particular wolves from our childhood - be they the Bärenmarke bear, the Esso tiger or the legendary Michelin Man. The fact that we still remember these plush characters is a simple demonstration of the emotional bond we formed with them.

This understanding of the strategic significance and psychological impact of promotional cuddly character is what underpins our consultancy services.

So, you see, we're not really in the business of simply making toys or free gifts - we're about giving strategic instruments body and soul.

What a pet can do is therefore the most important aspect we need to keep track of.

As such, you might not be surprised to know that, from our point of view, our first discussions with you should centre much more around market positioning, brand benefits, consumer insights, and conscious and subconscious impressions than our way with materials, the various types of stuffing available or delivery time frames. Having said all that, you can rest assured that our entire team knows all of those things inside out.

Every potential pet is put on the figurative "couch" before anyone holds it in their arms.

As soon as we understand what role the future pet will play in your marketing strategy/advertising mix and which consumers you're looking to target, we'll be able to draw up an appropriate proposal that takes all the key factors into account.

From the first idea through to the ready-to-deliver pet that is the result of a customised production process. It's all music to our ears!

We employ the most exacting quality assurance tester of them all: time itself.

Because as a brand ambassador, your plush toy has a long-term role. And it should be loved. That's why we only ever consider using the best in every respect - so that the love can just go on and on.

That's why all materials we recommend are subject to the most demanding durability, environmental friendliness and safety tests in line with the European Toy Safety Directive. And we only ever use those materials that get top marks.

But just being tested and accepted once isn't enough for us. At our production sites, quality is continually checked in all areas in accordance with a predefined step-by-step plan.

Only then are the items carefully packed into impact-resistant boxes and dispatched to you.

It goes without saying that we perform additional safety checks as standard. Metal detectors, for example, are used at various points of the production site and prior to the final inspection in order to spot broken-off needles and other metal components.

To show you that we don't just promise perfect quality but actually deliver it too, our products comply with the current EN 71/1-3 standard for toys. It goes without saying that all our products bear the CE mark.

As you can see, you can sit back and relax whilst we do all the work. Without compromising!

Oh, and we've also found a pet that surprised even us.

Where things get serious.

As people often forget, "responsibility" is closely linked to another word: "response".

This means that we have to ask ourselves a series of questions which, whether voiced or not, could be asked by anyone involved.

How are we doing in terms of eco-friendliness and sustainability? What about fair wages? Or EU standards and manufacturing safety?

We consider it our responsibility to be able to provide verifiable answers at all times - answers which show to anyone that Promotion Pets is aware of its impact across the board and demonstrate that we produce in a way that's worthy of the trust people place in us.

Feel free to ask if you still have any questions not covered in the following information.

The stuff dreams are made of.

Vonnel, sol boa, dull boa, ef velboa, drill, DDF, rasfur. Here's a taster!

These select plush fabrics made from acrylic or polyester enable the elegant workmanship required to make them into customised mascots. They are crafted into unique pets by the professionals at our production sites. All materials can be coloured using the shades of the Pantone system.
Requests, opinions, complaints or praise - we want to hear from you, whatever you have to say. Once you've submitted your message, you'll receive email confirmation that it has reached us.

Contact Person

First name and surname




Your Message


In 2011 we took over the exclusive B2B sales department of "Donkey-Products".

"Donkey" is a Hamburg-based design label that has quickly gained international acclaim by developing and designing humorous products.

So the high quality and innovation of our two companies really complement each other - which is great news for you!

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    5.1. The place of performance shall be Hamburg unless the parties have agreed differently.

    5.2. Delivery times/deadlines shall only be binding if confirmed as binding by Promotion Pets in writing. They otherwise constitute “circa periods”.

    5.3. The delivery deadlines shall be considered to have been met if, by the time of the deadline, the delivery item has been dispatched, or, should this dispatch be delayed for reasons for which Promotion Pets is not responsible, if notification of readiness to deliver is given within the stipulated time.

    5.4. Insofar as binding delivery dates cannot be observed for reasons outside the scope of Promotion Pets (non-availability of performance, Force Majeure, industrial disputes and other business disruptions caused through no fault of Promotion Pets), Promotion Pets shall immediately inform the customer hereof and shall at the same time inform the customer of the anticipated new delivery date. If performance is still not possible within the new delivery deadline, Promotion Pets is entitled to withdraw from the contract in full or in part and shall promptly reimburse an already received consideration. In particular the late delivery of Promotion Pets‘ own sub-suppliers is deemed a case of non-availability if neither Promotion Pets nor its sub-supplier is acting with fault.

    5.5. Furthermore, the customer’s right to termination of a contract upon expiry of a reasonable period of grace granted to Promotion Pets without result shall remain unaffected.

    5.6. Whether delivery is in default shall otherwise be determined pursuant to the statutory provisions. However, a delivery reminder by the customer shall in any case be required.


    6.1. Dispatch within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany shall be from a location to be specified at the discretion of Promotion Pets unless otherwise stipulated by the parties. The goods shall be delivered in packaging which is suitable for dispatch and transport. Mode of dispatch and packaging are at the reasonable discretion of Promotion Pets.

    6.2. If the goods are shipped at the request of the customer, the customer shall bear the transport costs ex works and the costs of transport insurance if requested by the customer.


    The risk lies with the customer for all deliveries, including any returns. The risk shall
    pass to the customer as soon as the consignment leaves the warehouse of Promotion
    Pets or of a warehouse maintained by Promotion Pets or sub-suppliers. This also
    applies in case of partial deliveries or in case Promotion Pets has undertaken further
    services (such as shipment or installation). Should delivery be delayed at the customer’s
    request or as a result of circumstances for which the customer is responsible, the
    risk shall pass to the customer for the duration of the delay as of the date of notification
    of readiness to deliver.


    8.1. With regard to the rights in case of defects as to quality and defects of title (including wrong and short delivery) the statutory provisions apply unless agreed otherwise in the following.

    8.2. Warranty claims of the customer require that the customer has complied with its obligation to examine and give notice of defects (Section 377 German Commercial Code, HGB). Any complaints regarding incomplete, false or defective deliveries are to be reported in writing immediately after delivery. Hidden defects are to be reported in writing after these have been detected. Notice is deemed to be made in due time if given within 7 days after delivery or detection, as the case may be. The punctual dispatch of the notice suffices to comply with the time limit.

    8.3. The warranty period is 12 months counted as of the passing of risk. The warranty period shall be extended by the period in which the delivered product cannot be used due to subsequent fulfilment (rectification or replacement delivery). However, subsequent fulfilment shall not result in the commencement of a new warranty period, unless the subsequent fulfilment in due consideration of any and all circumstances of the individual case has to be seen as an implied acceptance of an obligation to remedy a defect. A rectification of a defect, shall otherwise only result in a new warranty period if it concerns the same defect or the result of a deficient rectification of a defect.

    8.4. If the delivered goods are defective, Promotion Pets shall at its own discretion remedy the defect (rectification) or deliver a non-defective item (replacement delivery).

    8.5. The customer shall fulfil all his contractual obligations, in particular the stipulated terms of payment; Promotion Pets may make the owed subsequent fulfilment dependant on the fact that the customer pays the due purchase price. The customer may, however, withhold payment in reasonable proportion to the extent of the defect.

    8.6. The customer shall grant Promotion Pets the necessary time and occasion to fulfil the warranty obligations. Any expenses incurred in connection with the examination and subsequent fulfilment, in particular costs for transportation, infrastructure, personnel and material are borne by Promotion Pets, if a defect in fact exists. In any other cases these costs are borne by the customer and Promotion Pets may claim reimbursement from the customer, as the case may be.

    8.7. Should Promotion Pets allow a reasonable period of grace to expire without remedying the defect or replacing the goods, or should Promotion Pets refuse to take either action, or should remedy or replacement be impossible, the customer shall be entitled to avail himself of his right to termination of contract or reduction of the purchase price. Any improper repairs or modifications effected by the customer or by third parties shall nullify any warranty or liability, unless the customer proves that the defect is not the result of this intervention.

    8.8. The liability for defects shall neither apply to normal wear and tear, nor to damage occurring after passage of risk as a result of faulty or negligent handling, or overuse. Claims of the customer for damages or compensation of futile expenses are subject to the limitations set forth in Item 9. below and are otherwise excluded.


    9.1. To the extent not regulated otherwise in these GTC, Promotion Pets may only be held liable pursuant to the applicable statutory provisions in case of a contractual or non-contractual breach of its duties.

    9.2. Promotion Pets is liable to pay damages – regardless of their legal basis – only in case of intent or gross negligence. However, for damages caused by the grossly negligent conduct of any vicarious agents of Promotion Pets, the liability shall be limited to those damages which are typically to be expected. In any case of simple negligence, Promotion Pets shall be liable only for (a) damage to life, personal injury or health; (b) damage based on the breach of a material contractual duty (obligation which makes the proper implementation of the contract possible in the first place and the observance of which the customer may regularly rely on); in this case the liability of Promotion Pets is however limited to the foreseeable, typically occurring damages.

    9.3. The limitations stipulated in Item 9.2 shall not apply in case Promotion Pets has fraudulently concealed a defect or has assumed a guarantee for the properties of the item. The same applies to a liability under the German Product Liability Act.


    The customer is only entitled to offset amounts if his counterclaim has been legally
    established, uncontested or is recognised by Promotion Pets. The customer shall have
    no right to re-debit or retain monies unless this is based on the same contractual
    relationship. However, in case of defective deliveries mandatory statutorily prescribed
    counterclaims remain unaffected.


    11.1. Promotion Pets shall retain title to the goods until all present and future claims against the customer to which Promotion Pets is entitled as a result of mutual business – including the settlement of all outstanding current account balances – have been settled (reserved goods). The customer shall store the reserved goods in a proper manner and insure them sufficiently at his own expense.

    11.2. The customer shall be entitled to resale of the reserved goods only within the scope of its ordinary course of business, as long as the customer is not in default of payment. The customer shall be prohibited from transferring ownership by way of security, pledging, or otherwise disposing of the reserved goods in any manner which thwarts or impedes the reservation of title in functioning as security. Should third parties attach reserved goods in the customer’s possession or in case of other interferences by third parties, the customer shall inform such third parties of Promotion Pets’ reservation of title, and shall inform Promotion Pets in writing of the attachment enclosing the order of attachment and a statutory declaration which declares that the goods attached are identical with the reserved goods supplied. The customer shall bear any costs arising from attempts to prevent attachments by third parties in the event that proceedings are successful and in the event that attempts to enforce the judgment on the third parties in question are not successful.

    11.3. In the event of resale or leasing of the reserved goods, the customer assigns to Promotion Pets in advance and by way of security its claims against its customers arising from this resale or leasing. Promotion Pets accepts such transfer and assignment. Should the reserved goods be resold or leased together with goods from other suppliers and should an overall invoice be issued for both types of goods, the customer shall assign to Promotion Pets that portion of the total price charged and/or of the total rental fee corresponding to the reserved goods included in the overall invoice. The customer shall be entitled next to Promotion Pets to collect claims arising from resale and leasing which have been assigned to Promotion Pets. Promotion Pets undertakes not to collect the claims as long as the customer complies with its payment obligations, no event of a substantial deterioration in its financial position occurs and there is no other deficiency as regards the customer‘s capacity/solvency.

    11.4. The customer shall not be authorised to dispose of the assigned claims by other means, e.g. by assignment to third parties (in particular to financial institutions), without prior written consent of Promotion Pets.

    11.5. In the event of default by the customer in making payment to Promotion Pets, cheques based on the customer‘s fault, suspension of payments, excessive indebtedness, or should his assets be the subject of insolvency proceedings, or should the institution of such proceedings be refused for insufficiency of assets, the entire balance of his debts shall become payable. In this event, the customer shall, at the request of Promotion Pets, provide Promotion Pets with a list of all goods still in his possession which are subject to reservation of title, and a list of debts assigned to Promotion Pets, which list shall include names and addresses of debtors and the amount of the debts and provide all other information required by Promotion Pets in order to assert the claims. Should the conditions described above apply, the customer shall, upon request of Promotion Pets, inform the debtors of the assignment of the debt to Promotion Pets. Promotion Pets shall be entitled to bring about the notification of such third party debtors itself. Promotion Pets shall also be entitled to repossess the goods subject to its reservation of title with a view to utilisation or discharging the balance of the debts. The customer shall be obliged to procure possession of the goods for Promotion Pets or to allow the authorised representative of Promotion Pets access to the business premises during normal business hours. The demand for return or the seizure of the goods shall not constitute termination of the contract.

    11.6. At the customer’s request, Promotion Pets shall be obliged to release security at the customer’s discretion where the total realisable value of such security exceeds the value of Promotion Pets’ claims against the customer arising from current business dealings by more than 20%.

    11.7. Should the proposed reservation of title not be legally effective in the territory in which the goods are located, Promotion Pets and the customer already now undertake to agree on a provision in compliance with the applicable laws that best reflects the character of the right of retention of title. Where special requirements are necessary to meet these stipulations, the customer already agrees to ensure that these requirements are met at his own cost.


    12.1. In case an order to graphically and conceptually design a merchandising product, including but not limited to a mascot, has been placed before the order of the goods, the following conditions shall apply in addition to the provisions that are subject to the individual agreement regarding the design and the conceptual design by abd between Promotion Pets and the customer:

    12.2. Works within the meaning of § 2 section 1 UrhG (German Copyright Act) are subject to copyright protection if they form individual works in the sense that they are the result of individual creative activity. In order to determine the right of works to copyright protection no other criteria are to be applied, especially not any qualitative or aesthetic conditions. This is independent of whether or not the provisions of § 2 section 2 UrhG are are fulfilled, for all categories of works equally.

    12.3. Suggestions and guidelines on the part of the customer, or other encouraging communications, do not provide the basis for claiming a joined authorship. Any creative contribution made by the customer does not detract from contractual rights and claims of Promotion Pets and/or its designers, unless this is expressly and explicitly agreed otherwise.

    12.4. Promotion Pets has the right to mark its work with a copyright indication, unless the individual agreement contains provisions to the contrary.

    12.5. The customer obtains the tight of use (§ 31 UrhG) to the extent agreed upon, as soon as the agreed upon remuneration for the conceptual design and the grant of the right of use has been fully paid.

    12.6. In accordance with the Copyright Law, Promotion Pets and/or its designer retains rights of agreement; in particular further transfer of exclusive or non-exclusive rights of use to third parties may only take place with upon approval and in return for separate compensation. Agreement is required by the Copyright Law may not be refused without significant justification.

    12.7. The work provided by Promotion Pets and/or its designer may not be changed, distorted or otherwise impaired, either in the original or in reproduction without the prior approval.


    Promotion Pets may refer to the customer as its customer on Promotions Pets’ website
    for reference purposes. Promotion Pets may further publicly display and/or exhibit
    the rendered services for demonstration purposes, unless the customer can claim a
    legitimate interest to the contrary. This interest shall be reported to Promotion Pets
    in writing.


    14.1. These GTC as well as all contracts concluded based on these terms are subject to German Law. The applicability of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International sale of Goods dated 11 April 1980 (UN Sales Convention, CISG) is excluded.

    14.2. The agreed place of jurisdiction for merchants, legal persons under public law and separate public estates for all disputes shall be Hamburg.

    14.3. Promotion Pets is also entitled to file a lawsuit at the general place of jurisdiction of the customer.

Download terms and conditions as PDF


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29.06.2017 TONY THE GROUNDHOG, THE MONDI-HOLIDAY MASCOT, STARS AT THIS YEAR'S DAFFODIL FESTIVAL IN AUSTRIA Fields flush with daffodils dot the never-ending meadows every spring in the Austrian region of Ausseerland – Salzkammergut. They transform the idyllic mountain and sea terrain into a fragrant sea of COLORS. In Ausseerland, the white “poet’s daffodil” blossoms from May to June—depending on the altitude. It’s during this time, too, not coincidentally, that the Festival of Daffodils takes place, the largest spring and flower festival in Austria. 2017 marks the 58th time the event has been held. From May 25 to 28, the numerous attendees had the opportunity to marvel at the customs, traditional dress, handicraft, and, of course, the handmade figures adorned with daffodils in the city center. A team of local organizers and industrious helpers spent hours stitching the figures together after gathering scores of daffodils. The needlework the night before the actual event is an attraction in itself, drawing curious faces from the nearby Mondi hotel Grundlsee. And it was their mascot, Toni the Groundhog, created and produced by Promotion Pets in 2015/2016, that wound up stealing the show. The Mondi-Holiday group and its Hotels & Chalets stand for economical, personalized holidays with a sophisticated and familiar ambience in select Alpine locations. Whether it’s as a mini or an life-sized figure decked out in daffodils, Toni and his cute, heart-warming manner bring a smile to both big and small, and symbolizes one of the company’s—and Austria’s—core values: genuine hospitality.
14.06.2017 MARTIN STARK ASSUMES CONTROL OF OUR PRODUCT COMPLIANCE DIVISION Again we continue to expand our team. Effective immediately, Martin Stark (53) will be responsible for the Product Compliance Division. In this function, he will be responsible for quality control, toy- and product safety of mascots, walking acts, as well as other tailor-made products. Stark comes with long-standing industry experience. He is a certified Toy Safety Specialist (TÜV/LGA) and has been a part of the Quality Management and Toy Safety Division since 2012. Additionally, he is active in several sectoral committees, including being a member of a professional technical advisory of the German Toy Association (DVSI). In 2015 he was appointed Toy Safety Advisor of Stiftung Warentest and is chairman of the Spiel Sicher e.V society, which supports and consults with small toy manufacturers with the conversion of valid standards and bills. “I am very pleased to have Martin Stark, a leader in the toy safety field, join our company”, said Jan Basjmeleh, CEO of Promotion Pets. “The legal requirements in terms of safe and wholesome toys as well as mascots made out of plush and fabric continues to rise. Safe and high quality products are always focus points of our customers, as well as our company. Thanks to toy experts, such as Martin Stark, we are able to ensure this.”
15.02.2017 Indoor soccer is booming! After creating numerous mascots for teams in the 1st and 2nd division of the German Bundesliga, we are now thrilled to unveil our first-ever mascot for Futsal—the official indoor soccer variant of FIFA and the German Football Association DFB. Say hello to Futsi—the adorable and dynamic plush kangaroo mascot for the Futsal team of SSV Regensburg. It’s available now! There’s never been a better time to introduce Futsi as the club just qualified for the German Championship in March for the first time in its history! Good luck! The name Futsal stems from the Portuguese term for indoor soccer, "Futebol de Salão." Only in Germany and a few other countries has Futsal not yet completely caught on—but its popularity is on the rise! There are few similarities with classic indoor soccer as far as rules go as physical play is prohibited and thus the pace of the game is much higher. As there are no walls in play and a smaller ball with less bounce is used, the only way to lead your team to victory is through combination play, excellent ball control and the ability to improvise. World-class players, like former Werder Bremen playmaker Diego, as well as Pelé, Ronaldo and Zidane began playing Futsal before wowing fans around the world on the big pitch later on. Futsi was conceived by Anke Mächler, a well-known expert for prevention and health management, as well as an instructor and advisor in the segment for international companies, e.g. in the company fitness sector and Sportevents. Initial production of Futsi will include a batch of 528 small Futsis and 1x large (60 cm). We would like to give a big thanks to our sponsor Corpus Care, a practice for physical therapy, osteopathy and rehabilitation!
15.09.2016 A SHOWER OF STUFFED ANIMALS FOR SICK CHILDREN During the match between Feyenoord Rotterdam and ADO Den Haag on September 11, visiting supporters gave everyone in the stadium goosebumps. Home team Feyenoord, which went on to win the match 3-1, had invited hundreds of children from the nearby Sophia Children’s hospital. When the visiting fans found out the guests of honor would be sitting below them, they came up with a neat idea. In the 12th minute of play, the fans counted down before tossing hundreds of stuffed animals on the kids down below. In the run up to the match fans of Den Haag urged all supporters to bring as many stuffed animals as they could into the stadium, to brighten the sick children’s day. After the match, Rotterdam’s trainer, Giovanni van Bronckhorst thanked the visiting fans for the gesture, “It was a great display by both teams’ fans. It showed the children that they are not alone in their fight. Having a lead is fine and good, but there are clearly more important things in life than soccer. Link to video
29.11.2015 A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR – AND MORE THAN JUST A CARDBOARD COMPANION. A lack of time meant that plush had to make way for cardboard when our customer BURG-WÄCHTER KG asked us to produce a knight for them. This would have been a fun job, if only we’d have had enough production time in the run-up to Christmas. But sometimes, necessity really is the mother of invention. The customer suggested a tent card, and our Graphic Design department tweaked the drawings they were given. We then produced the print-ready documents ... and suddenly had a brainwave: the castle logo on the sign became a real eye-catcher thanks to battery-powered LED illumination. A Father Christmas with a difference. As you can see, golden opportunities sometimes present themselves when the clock is ticking. You just have to know how to seize them! Link to BURG-WÄCHTER KG
02.11.2015 PROCUREMENT CAN’T GET ANY BETTER: WELCOME ABOARD, ANJA! “No can do” is not part of Anja Mercker’s vocabulary. This attitude is certainly worth its weight in gold when it comes to procurement! The trained foreign trade assistant from Wittenberg only has eyes for the solution not the problem, for the innovative not the long-serving. On that note, she manages our procurement department with foresight and overview, holds the reins during contact with our production sites, suppliers and logistic partners in her capable hands, and, of course, she arranges our projects wonderfully and accompanies them until delivery to our customers.
15.10.2015 ROYAL BENZINGER IN THE BLOOD! If football is “the beautiful game”, then golf is one of the craziest, especially for the members and invited guests at the Royal Benzinger tournament, which is now in its 11th year. Everyone puts their own spin on the “dress code”. This should come as no surprise, as the majority of those teeing off are crazy cats from the music business. The great thing about it is that all the proceeds from the event are donated to a good cause, with all members volunteering their time. The passion for golf is evident in the beaming smile of the winner of the longest drive competition. And he is proudly holding the plush cover created by Promotion Pets! We share his joy! Link to Royal Benzinger
10.09.2015 ERWIN, HIS DOG AND THE TEDDY. IT’S ALL ABOUT SCHALKE 04! Miner Erwin has held a special place in the hearts of fans for many years. Promotion Pets has now produced the cuddly club mascot, his dog and the super soft teddy in a host of sizes and versions, each one boasting impeccable attention to detail. Erwin gave us an opportunity to showcase our design expertise in full and even enhance the well-­‐known mascot in a few places. One of the key factors that helped us win the contract was the product safety catalogue, which was developed specifically for our customer. Although every pet we make is compliant with all applicable guidelines for children’s toys, we went the extra mile for FC Schalke 04. That’s why we are the undisputed supplier of choice when it comes to developing and producing mascots for our customers from the Bundesliga. Erwin, his dog and the Schalke teddy thus make perfect playmates for young fans! We also produced a comfort blanket and a genuine Erwin-­‐look grabbing toy, enabling Schalke to expand the range of plush fan merchandise, with a focus on baby items. So it’s just a matter of time before the little ones become true Schalke fans. Link to S04-Shop
07.09.2015 IT TAKES TWO! WELCOME ABOARD, JOHANNA! Johanna Oberbörsch likes things to be just perfect. Illustration, animation, graphic and Web design – only then was she satisfied with her skills to start her career supporting the development of gaming apps for children. This, together with a soft spot for everything imaginative, certainly form the best foundation for using her abilities and keen eye in the development of our pets and completing other graphic design jobs, together with her twin sister Lisa.
25.08.2015 VOLKER, BODYGUARD TO THE CLUBS! Golf is just one of those games. Some people are crazy about it, whereas others couldn’t care less. If you belong to the second group, stop reading now. Volker, our newly developed golf cover that fits all standard drivers, is now a present that warms the hearts of the members and friends of VcG (a German association of golfers not affiliated to any one club). You can now catch a glimpse of this pet as he protects the heads of many a club – always with a wink. It’s time to tee off in style! Link to VcG
14.07.2015 GOODBYE STEEL AND ALUMINIUM! THE FUTURE WILL BE SOFT TO THE TOUCH! According to futurologist Thomas Strobel, cars might increasingly be composed of fabric and paper in future. In times of automated traffic, high-tech textiles will securely isolate the cars and cushion collisions. Important components like covers for the engine and boot, mudguards, doors and bumpers could be manufactured from these composite materials. Fitting the interior with illuminating textile or paper surfaces is also conceivable. The car is on the way from being a mobile crumple zone to becoming a travelling well-being tent. An exciting concept for us, too! Link zur deutschewirtschaftsnachrichten.de
07.07.2015 COLOGNE ZOO SHOWS ITS TEETH! WITH A HELPING HAND FROM THE KEC! Cologne ice hockey club (Kölner Eishockey-Club – KEC) wants to set up a shark tank at the local zoo. According to the club, a large reef shark would take up residence there. He would become the second live sport mascot in Cologne, after ‘Hennes’, the billy goat mascot of 1. FC Köln football club. The mascot ‘Sharky’ has now been building the atmosphere at KEC home games with his acrobatic ice dancing for 16 years, and a living version could become a real crowd magnet at Riehler Tierpark zoo. Link zu Express.de
06.07.2015 THE RHAETIAN RAILWAY IS PRESSING AHEAD WITH THE ALBULA TUNNEL! DIGGING HAS BEGUN AGAIN! The opening of the info arena regarding the construction of the new Albula Tunnel took place on 20 June. The reasons for the work are the urgently required need for renovation and increased safety restrictions of the existing tunnel. A cost comparison showed that a new construction made more sense. Promotion Pets produced the mole ‘Kobali’ – one of the heroes from the Türli und Flidari auf dem Bahnerlebnisweg Albula series of children’s books – for the Rhaetian Railway, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Equipped with a small stick of dynamite, he is symbolic of the tunnel construction. Link zu Rhätische Bahn.ch
11.05.2015 OUR SALES STRUCTURE IS SET UP: WELCOME ABOARD, REBECCA! Rebecca Best has already proven her talents in a series of stations: in an apprenticeship as Publishing Manager, in the Project Management for media services in the Cruising Business, graduating as a Bachelor in media publishing and finally as a Consultant in a Hamburg Advertising Agency. With us she can now make excellent use of her experience as well as of her ease and overview as a Key Account Manager.
20.03.2015 KICK-OFF AT WEMBLEY! In March 2015, Promotion Pets was present in London at SMMEX, the specialist trade fair for sports merchandise and sports marketing, for the second time. In the hallowed halls of the legendary Wembley Stadium, we were able to discuss our projects with buyers from sports clubs and associations from all over Europe and get them excited about working together with us in the sports merchandise and sports marketing sectors. It has allowed us to make our first contacts with English Premier League clubs already! An important step on the way to making Promotion Pets known as the ideal partner for emotive brand experiences in the home of football, too! Link to SMMEX
05.03.2015 COMPLETELY BEWITCHED! Seiser Alm in South Tyrol is well-established as a bewitching travel destination for many holidaygoers. Hiking in summer, skiing in winter – there are varied possibilities in every season. Promotion Pets was commissioned by the Seiser Alm marketing board to produce a small witch based on an existing illustration. Accurate in every detail, as ever with our productions, the unmistakeable appearance of the broomstick-riding enchantress has been perfectly reproduced and is now the brand ambassador of an unbelievably beautiful fairy-tale landscape. Link to Seiser Alm
13.02.2015 A ‘FURRY’ SURPRISING APPEARANCE! Promotion Pets appeared at the 53rd PSI trade fair, which featured 873 exhibitors from 38 countries, with a newly developed 33 m2 booth. A fascinating stage for our pet show was created in a fantastic collaboration with the team from Blackdata! Promotion Pets was present with six employees, one of whom was the big llama by the name of ‘Lucky’ at the centre of the booth. So it was a case of ‘Step right up!’ for lots of interesting, intense and exciting discussions, in which our cuddly brand ambassadors were particularly popular with our visitors and business partners. This provided a wonderful starting point for new job orders, in which we will once again demonstrate our skills with all our enthusiasm. Link to PSI
09.12.2014 40 YEARS OF SESAMSTRASSE Wolle, Pferd, Rumpel, Tiffy and Feli Felu – and of course the Cookie Monster and Samson, the great granddaddy of the German version of Sesame Street! These walking, talking cuddly characters have now been on air for 40 years in Germany and are still delighting viewers of all ages with crazy stories that teach us about up and down, long and short, sad and happy. And in the next 40 years, we may even have the wedding of Bert and Ernie to look forward to! Happy birthday, dear Sesamstrasse!
09.12.2014 A RASTA ZEBRA Mitmachlieder.de has an exotic stallion in its stables: Tom Palme the Rasta zebra is well on his way to becoming fans’ favourite new companion on their adventures. Listen to stories from faraway Africa, cuddle him, style the zany dreadlocks – there’s so much you can do with this hilarious playmate! Promotion Pets developed this colourful character from original illustrations, covered him in cuddly velboa and creatively braided his dreadlocks. Available to order at Link zu sonnenversand
31.08.2014 COLOGNE IN HER HEART, PLUSH IN HER HEAD: WELCOME ABOARD, LISA! Lisa Oberbörsch loves everything that has to do with animals, An ideal basis to kindle a further ardent passion: illustrating our Pets. Born in Cologne, she studied Communication Design and loves to sketch with pencil and paper before giving our plush animals colourful life on the computer. Besides, she supports all departments at Promotion Pets with her expertise in order to professionally wind up the printing process.
25.08.2014 OPERATIONS ON LIVE TEDDY BEARS The following initiative helps children overcome their fear of going to the doctor or staying in hospital: At facilities such as the Teddybär-Krankenhaus Greifswald (Greifswald Teddy Bear Hospital), role-playing activities help children learn about how procedures such as operations are carried out. But who are the patients? Big teddy bears or even a snappy crocodile. Using the cuddly toys, doctors can explain operations to their child patients, who are able to overcome much of their fear thanks to the knowledge they’ve gained.
04.08.2014 TEDDY BEAR'S HOLIDAY What might sound crazy to us is completely normal over in Japan. Special travel agencies are happy to arrange holidays for your favourite cuddly toys – including postcards to the owner! The deep love of the Japanese for their cuddly toys is related to Shintoism and the belief that all objects have a soul. Soft toys sit next to singles in restaurants, for example, and act as companions for the residents of nursing homes. They are even laid to rest in a special ceremony: Link zu daserste.de
18.07.2014 MANNI MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND Hamburger Sparkasse (Hamburg Savings Bank) has been a customer of ours for a few years now. And we make their mascot Manni Mouse in various sizes – from 30 cm in a sitting position to an imposing 80 cm! Who hasn’t seen the large version happily sitting on the famous red bench in their local branch? The cuddly mouse is now available as a walk-around act and is always encouraging kids to get saving.
28.04.2014 CUDDLY TOYS IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE! Crazy Chicken is dangling from a butcher’s hook and an oven-ready teddy is on sale for €69.99. Hamburg-based artist Miroslav Menschenkind chops up cuddly toys as though they were real pieces of meat. Why? “Meat is a product, which is something that most people don’t realise these days. And, when you think about it, it’s crazy that my slaughtering teddy bears gets more reactions on Facebook than factory farming.” Link zu Spiegel.de
22.04.2014 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! By beating Bochum 3–1 over the Easter weekend, 1. FC Köln clinched the second division championship before the end of the season and thus secured promotion to the top flight after two years away. And, by all accounts, the party was more than worthy of the Bundesliga. We would like to extend our congratulations and, just like mascot Hennes, look forward to watching the team in many exciting games in the new season.
14.04.2014 A BUTTERFLY IN A WORLD OF RAINBOWS. For terminally ill children, specialist children’s hospices are places where they can focus on living their lives with as much joy as possible. Regenbogenland (Rainbow Land) in Düsseldorf is one such hospice and helps families to make the most of the time they have left with their child. Promotion Pets has taken the butterfly in the hospice’s logo and developed a version in soft plush. We hope that it will put many smiles on the children’s faces. Link zu Regenbogenland
10.04.2014 CHEEKY MONKEYS! Dancing, hopping around and having fun – that’s what Rodscha aus Kambodscha and Tom Palme are all about! Mixing African rhythms, reggae/ska grooves, Latin influences and rock beats, the duo create amazing singalong hits for kids. And Promotion Pets has now created the perfect cuddly mascots to accompany them: humorous, pot-bellied little monkeys with dangly arms and wide eyes that simply can’t wait for the kids to sing. Link zu Mitmachlieder
28.03.2014 SIRENS OF THE LAMBS! To see a truly unique example of the power of cuddly toys to tug at the heartstrings, take a look at the following link: Link zu YouTube In New York, the British street artist Banksy has made a film about meat consumption and livestock farming. The reactions of the children and adults who saw this high-profile installation ranged from initial excitement through to sheer amazement and the shedding of tears.
12.03.2014 EXTENDED BSCI GUIDELINES. In 2011, we joined the BSCI. This is a global initiative of responsible companies that are committed to sustainable and value-oriented production and behavioural processes. As the global working environment has changed dramatically over the past few years, new regulations have been passed to safeguard the rights of employees. These cover such aspects as the elimination of precarious employment, as well as corruption and data protection. For more information, please visit Link zu BSCI